About Us

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About Us

The humble beginnings of Bethel Confectionery dated back in 1994, from our founder Lim Sin Huat who believed that the best way he could contribute to his community was through hand-made food.

Lim grew up in a working class family, being one of the oldest of nine siblings, he started working from a young age and experienced the hardships of life. He came to see that at the end of a long day, food satisfies and bonds people, even the simple bun could bring a smile to the hungry. Lim set out to master the craft of baking, so that he through simple baked items, he could bring smiles to the faces of people around him.

Several years later, Lim met his partner Ah You, another like-minded and experienced baker. The duo decided to open their first bakery in 1994, with each recipe having been individually tried and tested, with the aim of providing the great tasting cakes and pastries, with the best ingredients, that caters to the traditional Singapore "heartland" taste, whilst keeping prices affordable for everyone to enjoy. 

Bethel have also actively participated in charity, regularly donating confectionery to old folks homes and the needy, staying true to Lim's dream of giving back to Singapore.